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A Guide To Reinstate Your Suspended License Plates in Illinois


Everything You Need to Know About Illinois Mandatory Insurance Verification Program

Beginning June of 2021, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office will begin to enforce a mandatory liability insurance verification program, P.A. Act 100-0373, which was developed in 2019 for ALL vehicles registered in the state of Illinois.  

How Does The Illinois Insurance Verification Program Work?

In short, insurance companies doing business in the state of Illinois are now required to upload a list of active policy holder information into a ILIVIS, a third-party portal that acts as a database.  The state of Illinois then uses this data to cross check with their database of registered vehicles.  

The Secretary of State will then select a random portion of these registered vehicles that are subject to the Mandatory Insurance Verification Program, but noncompliant with mandatory liability insurance, and mail them out suspension notices.  The fine to remove a pending license plate suspension or reinstate a suspended license plate is $100.  Once your registration or vehicle license plates are suspended, your vehicle cannot be driven by anyone.  The minimum fine for driving a suspended vehicle is $1,000.

To reinstate your suspended license plates in Illinois, contact us today.  Our licensed agents are registered with the State of Illinois Insurance Verification System and can upload necessary insurance documents and clear suspended license plates in minutes.

Request For Insurance Verification Letter

The Illinois Secretary of State will attempt to match your registered vehicle to a database of registered vehicles.  If your vehicle’s vin number is not matched to an active insurance policy, the ILSOS will mail a Request for Insurance Verification Letter.  This letter will notify you that your registered vehicle did not match on the ILIVS database of insured vehicles and request that you take action to prevent license plate suspension.


If You Had Liability Insurance

If your vehicle did have liability insurance on the verification date, you must provide the letter to your insurance company or an agent registered with the ILIVS system.  The agent will electronically transmit your insurance information to ILIVS using your license plate number, vin number, and/or reference number provided by the ILSOS.

If You Did Not Have Liability Insurance

If your vehicle did not have liability insurance on the requested verification date, you must provide your letter to an insurance agency and purchase liability insurance.  Once liability insurance is obtained, a $100 reinstatement fee must be paid in order to remove the pending suspension notice or reinstate your suspended registration.

If Your Vehicle Is Inoperable or Doesn’t Run

If your vehicle is not being driven on Illinois roadways and is stored and inoperable, you will be required to fill out an electronic affidavit with an electronic signature.  Once the vehicle is back in running condition, the Illinois Secretary of State must be notified.

If You Sold Your Vehicle

If the vehicle has been sold and your license plates are no longer being used, you may surrender your license plates at any Illinois Drivers License Facility.

What Happens If You Did Not Have Insurance On The Verification Date

If your vehicle was not insured on the conviction date and this was your first offense, your license plate will be suspended until you purchase the minimum liability insurance policy and pay the Illinois Secretary of State a reinstatement fee of $100.  

How To Reinstate Your Suspended License Plate in Illinois

Driving with suspended license plates in Illinois can result in a minimum fine of $1,000.  Insured ASAP is a licensed Illinois agency that works with insurance carriers to provide low cost auto insurance.  Our agency can help provide you with the required liability insurance for your vehicle and clear your pending suspension electronically and in just one phone call.  Start a quote now or contact us for more information.

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