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Every visit to your car wash by a customer, you and your business are exposed to risks such as slip-and-fall injury, to damage to autos, etc.  There are also the constant dangers of vandalism and damage to property.   A comprehensive car wash insurance policy helps to protect your business from liability and property damage claims, business income losses, auto collisions, and more.

Commercial Liability Car Wash Insurance

Liability insurance for your car wash is an important part of any business owners policy.  Your business, employees and yourself are exposed to a variety of special risks faced by car wash operations.  From expensive repairs and replacement to clients’ vehicles to potential third-party injuries of your valued customers, a comprehensive commercial liability car wash insurance policy is the protection your business needs.

Hand Car Wash Insurance and Workers' Compensation 

Less and less car washes have employees these days but for the hand car wash business that relies on a regular staff, you’ll need a workers’ compensation policy in your car wash insurance package.  Workers’ compensation protects your business and yourself from the financial liabilities for employee injuries that happen on the job.  Workers’ compensation is mandatory in almost each state, including Illinois and Indiana, but be sure to check out your particular state laws to be certain.

Car Wash Insurance Quotes

Obtaining an affordable insurance quote for your automatic car wash tunnel or hand car wash business is not as difficult as it may seem.  As there is no one-size-fits-all policy, a custom insurance package can be put together for your car wash.  This can be as general and broad, or as comprehensive as you may need.  Insured ASAP is a Chicago based insurance agency that specializes in small business insurance coverage.  Request a quote online or call an agent today for more information.

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