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Cheap SR22 Insurance in Illinois

So, you got yourself into an unpleasant situation where you need to find cheap SR22 insurance in Illinois, and it’s probably a safe bet to assume that whatever got you into the situation was a costly one. Before taking to the Illinois streets or shopping online for SR22 insurance quotes, it’s a good idea to understand what SR22 insurance is exactly.

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SR22 Insurance in Illinois

An SR22 is proof of financial responsibility. You may also hear it called SR22 insurance, Certificate of Financial Responsibility or CFR. The SR22 policy was created to make it challenging for drivers considered high-risk to operate a vehicle without insurance.

Remember, it’s the law to carry liability insurance when driving a vehicle.

The Office of the Secretary of State uses the SR22 insurance certificate for Illinois residents to verify they have the state-required insurance. Illinois’ Financial Responsibility law requires every driver to maintain liability limits of at least:

  • $25,000 Bodily Injury per Person
  • $25,000 Bodily Injury per Person
  • $20,000 Property Damage

It is a requirement to provide proof of liability insurance, in the form of an auto insurance identification card, to the police during a traffic stop.

Once you are required to file an SR22, you will have to keep an SR22 insurance policy for three years. If you have to file, the filing period starts when you are first eligible for a restricted driver’s license. Drivers with their first offense and are over 21; you will be eligible for a Judicial Driving Permit beginning the first day of the second month of suspension.

sr22 insurance illinois

Drivers may be considered high-risk if any of the following scenarios apply:

  • They have been found driving without valid insurance
  • They have been caught driving without a license or with an expired suspended or revoked license
  • They have been caught driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • They have been operating a vehicle with an expired license plates

Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Don’t own a vehicle? No problem! Non owners insurance is a liability only insurance policy designed for drivers who don’t own a vehicle, but need SR22 insurance. Generally, a non owners insurance policy can provide drivers with the cheapest SR22 insurance in Illinois.

But, drivers need to be aware that non owners insurance does not provide coverage for any vehicle, owned or not. It is important to understand that all vehicles on the road MUST be insured. In many states, including Illinois, all vehicles need to be protected with adequate liability insurance.

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How Long Do You Need SR22

In the State of Illinois, SR22 insurance is generally mandated for a period of three (3) years. This is often times the case, but not always. It’s always a good idea to check your SR22 status with the State of Illinois before making a decision.

How do you find out when it expires?

The Secretary of States office sends two letters when SR22 filing is complete:

  1. A letter is sent to you.
  2. A letter is sent to the company filing SR22.

Once you’ve completed your SR22 filing with the state, the insurance company that is filing your SR22 is required to remove the filing from your insurance policy.

Alternatives to SR22 Insurance

In many states including Illinois, there are a couple option for drivers who want to get around SR22 filing.

Appealing SR22 Insurance

Drivers who have been convicted of multiple driving offenses and/or driving with no insurance are typically mandated by the court to obtain SR22 insurance.

In instances where the conviction was insurance related, a driver can appeal the conviction by <hiring a traffic attorney and providing proof of car insurance for the date in question.

Financial Hold or Bond

Another alternative to SR22 filing is keeping a cash deposit of $70,000 with the Illinois State Treasurers office.

Illinois SR22 Waiver

The State of Illinois now allows for out-of-state residents to request their SR22 to be waived. This waiver only applies to Illinois insurance requirements. Keep in mind that in the event you move back to Illinois within three years of this waiver, the Secretary of State’s office may reinstate your mandatory SR22 filing.

Download: Illinois SR22 Waiver PDF

Where to Find Cheap SR22 in Illinois

With so many insurance companies doing business in Illinois, it can be difficult trying to determine which of those companies provide SR22 insurance filing. Then, once you narrow down your list and find a handful of insurance companies near you that do issue SR22 certificates, you will be looking at the most affordable option.

The best way to shop for SR22 insurance in Illinois is to contact an insurance agency that works with insurance carriers that provide cheap SR22 insurance in Illinois. These agencies do the “shopping” for you, and propose the best available insurance policy to you. Insured ASAP provides the cheapest SR22 insurance in Illinois including the following cities:

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Remember, keeping a clean driving record, paying your bills on time, and the type of car that you drive can affect your insurance rates. If you are considered a problem driver, your rates may be higher than others on the road. But by working with top-rated insurance carriers, we can shop your policy to find the highest quality coverage at the lowest rates possible.

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If you are looking for SR22 insurance in Aurora, Joliet, Rockford, Elgin, Chicago or anywhere throughout Illinois, don’t wait, call us today. The sooner you get your SR22, the quicker you can get your driver’s license reinstated and back on the road worry-free, well almost worry-free. All those drivers that text while behind the wheel are terrifying.

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