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Do I Need Rideshare Car Insurance If I Drive for Uber or Lyft?

Companies such as Uber and Lyft have changed the way we get around as we know it. These ridesharing apps make it easy and safe to get around. Even if you are an excellent driver with a clean driving record and no accident history, it’s still ideal to get rideshare car insurance in case you get into an unexpected accident. 

What Does Rideshare Insurance Cover?

Ridesharing coverage is available to rideshare drivers to help fill in gap coverage that their personal auto insurance coverage does not. Consider rideshare insurance as an add-on to your car insurance quote. 

While liability coverage for Uber and Lyft drivers isn’t mandatory, it can help provide protection and save money in the case that you get into an unexpected accident. Ridesharing companies do not mandate this coverage, however, if you spend a good amount of time driving for Uber or Lyft, this coverage is worth it. 

Does Uber or Lyft Have Their Own Insurance?

Yes, both Uber and Lyft offer their own commercial insurance to their drivers, but this is not end-to-end coverage. There are three different sub-sets of commercial rideshare insurance, including:

  • Offline coverage: This is aimed to cover your time driving between rides. 
  • Waiting for request: This covers you from the time you turn on your availability in the app and the time you accept a request. 
  • Ride in progress: As soon as you pick up your passenger, any individual rideshare coverage that you have from our car insurance company will cease, as both Uber and Lyft have insurance policies that cover you while you are driving a passenger. 

Where Can I Get Rideshare Insurance?

Not every cheap car insurance company offers rideshare insurance, and it is not available in every state. If the rideshare car insurance isn’t available in your state, it’s recommended to invest in commercial insurance for peace of mind. 

Our car insurance company in Chicago can work with you to provide a custom auto insurance quote. Even if your credit score isn’t stellar, our team will work to get you the most affordable insurance rates possible.

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