Are You Covered While on a Test Drive at a Car Dealership?

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Are you covered while test driving a car?

Are You Covered While on a Test Drive at a Car Dealership?

So you’ve got your eyes on your dream car and ready to take it for a test drive; but one important question comes up…

“I’m Test Driving a Car at a Car Dealership… Am I Covered?”

 If you’re a listed driver on a personal auto insurance policy, the short answer is yes, coverage extends to a vehicle that is being test driven.  Most standard insurers cover you for the use of “non-owned autos” which can be loaners as well.  

When buying a car from a used or new auto dealership, the party with an interest in the auto is the dealership itself.  Since the vehicle is not registered and titled like a personal vehicle would be, car dealers need a special insurance policy called garage liability insurance.  

Garage liability provides liability coverage to operators, commonly employees and customers, while they are driving autos owned by the dealership.

The following are important key points to follow before your test drive:

  • Read any waivers you may be required to sign prior to a test drive.  These types of waivers may transfer responsibility and liability, in the event of an accident, to you personally.
  • Confirm the car dealership carries adequate garage liability insurance.  While most dealers do carry sufficient garage liability coverage, as required by law, some of the smaller dealers do not purchase insurance for their vehicles in an attempt to save on costs.
  • Take a brief moment to review your auto insurance policy to confirm non-owned auto coverage.  If your auto policy is not handy, call your agent.  A licensed insurance agent will be able to confirm coverage with you via email or by phone within minutes.  

And no matter what happens, keep some basics in mind.  Get familiar with the vehicle and its controls before putting it in drive.  Adjust your seat, side and rear view mirrors and steering wheel to a comfortable level.  Leave the radio alone as your driving and be sure to keep an extra amount of space.

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