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Remodeling Contractors Insurance Chicago

Remodeling Contractors Insurance in Chicago.

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Remodeling contractors are in the business of renovating, updating, restoring, and rehab work to both commercial and residential homes and buildings.  A common problem faced by remodelers is their work type, or class code, is sometimes misunderstood by the insurance company or agent, which results in a questionable policy or quote.  It is crucial to list details in the type of work done by a remodeler, such as electrical, plumbing, drywall, paint, handyman type work, etc. to receive an accurate policy and premium.  Remodeling contractors can combine coverage such as general liability, property, workers compensation, commercial auto, etc.  into one business owners policy package that can be customized to the remodeler’s specific needs.

Remodeling Contractors Insurance Quotes in Chicago, IL.

The below is a list of common insurance coverage to look as you compare remodeling contractor insurance.

  • Remodeling Contractors Commercial General Liability
  • Remodeling Contractors Property Insurance
  • Remodeling Contractors Bonds
  • Remodeling Contractors Workers Compensation
  • Remodeling Contractors Auto Insurance
  • Remodeling Contractors Inland Marine

How to Find Affordable Remodeling Contractors Insurance.

Insured ASAP specializes in contractors business insurance.  Our licensed agents can help with discussing types of coverage that you may need or questions you may have.  Please feel free to call our office at (708) 233-4848.

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