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Plumbing Contractors Insurance in Chicago.

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Plumbers and plumbing contractors need an adequate and comprehensive insurance policy for their business.  Generally speaking, it is often required by the state, or local municipality to obtain liability insurance prior to starting a project.  Commonly requested is a certificate of liability insurance – a single page document that outlines your insurance coverage.  If the job is residential, odds are that the homeowner will request proof of insurance as well.  A sufficient insurance policy will protect you and your plumbing business from financial loss if an accident occurs and you’re held liable for third party induries or property damage during work or after the job is completed.  A business owners policy, or BOP, is often times requested by plumbers, plumbing contractors, and/or plumbing business alike as it combines popular coverage at an affordable rate.

Plumbing Contractors Insurance Quotes in Chicago, IL.

The below is a list of common insurance coverage to look as you compare plumbing contractor insurance.

  • Plumbing Contractors Commercial General Liability
  • Plumbing Contractors Property Insurance
  • Plumbing Contractors Bonds
  • Plumbing Contractors Workers Compensation
  • Plumbing Contractors Auto Insurance
  • Plumbing Contractors Inland Marine

Plumbing Contractors Insurance Quotes in Chicago, IL.

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