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Cleaning Janitorial contractors Insurance Chicago

Cleaning and Janitorial Contractors Insurance in Chicago.

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A cleaning business or janitorial contractors needs adequate insurance to start or continue growing their business.  Window washers or cleaners, residential janitors, commercial janitors, cleaning businesses, carpet cleaners, etc. are all types of industries that require insurance for their business.  Insurance requested by these companies usually include general liability and workers compensation.  Other coverages that are offered are commercial umbrella coverage, commercial auto, business property for tools and equipment.  Many residents and commercial management companies require a certificate of liability insurance for a cleaning company or janitorial contractor.  This proof of insurance is a single page document that outlines the main coverages found on a policy.  For most janitorial contractors, the most efficient and affordable way to obtain proper insurance is with a BOP, also known as a business owners policy.  This policy packages particular coverages into one simple policy and can be modified to fit a companies individual needs.

Janitorial Contractor Insurance Quotes in Chicago, IL.

The below is a list of common insurance coverage to look as you compare janitorial contractor insurance.

  • Cleaning Business & Janitorial Contractors Commercial General Liability
  • Cleaning Business & Janitorial Contractors Property Insurance
  • Cleaning Business & Janitorial Contractors Bonds
  • Cleaning Business & Janitorial Contractors Workers Compensation
  • Cleaning Business & Janitorial Contractors Auto Insurance
  • Cleaning Business & Janitorial Contractors Inland Marine

How to Find Affordable Cleaning Business and Janitorial Contractor Insurance.

Insured ASAP is a leader in small business insurance and helps cleaning companies and janitorial contractors in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan obtain low cost insurance.  Licensed agents are available to answer any questions you may have.  Please feel free to call our office at (708) 233-4848.

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