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Are you ready for the extreme snow?  Snow plows provide vital services to people and business and snow plow insurance helps protect them.  Whether helping a homeowner clear up his/her driveway or patrons and employees parking lots, snow plows and snow removal companies are necessary help.

Snow plows face a different risk that most other vehicles don’t.  The fact that they are consistently in slick and icy conditions increases the chances that they’ll become subject to an auto accident.

It is starting to become more difficult to find proper insurance for your snow plow or snow removal company.  Basic liability insurance is becoming more and more expensive due to increasing claims and losses.

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Insured ASAP is a leader in affordable insurance coverage for your snow plow or snow removal business.   Contractors who plow and maintain parking lots, commercial properties, residential driveways, sidewalks and driveways now have a solution for snow plow insurance.  So how do we do it?

Our Chicago based insurance agency partners with dozens of insurance carriers to provide the lowest rates on snow plow insurance.  It’s never been easier to receive a fast and easy quote for your snow plow or snow removal business.  Call our office today at (800) 641-7488 for a quick and affordable quote.

Snow Plow Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

I have a commercial auto insurance policy.  Does my policy cover me if someone slips and is injured after I have finished plowing?

No.  Your commercial auto policy provides liability and sometimes physical damage coverage for your vehicle.  It will not protect you against claims made by a third-party who is injured after completed operations.  Completed operations coverage usually exists in a separate business owners policy, or BOP, or just a basic general liability insurance policy.

I have a snow plow on a truck that I personally own and plan on using it this winter.  Do I need a commercial auto liability insurance policy?

Sometimes.  Attaching a snow plow to your own truck does not necessarily disqualify you from obtaining a personal auto insurance policy.  However, you should advise your insurance agent or company as your policy may need to be endorsed to include business-use.

I am attaching a snow plow to my vehicle.  Does my commercial auto insurance policy cover damage to the plow itself?

Yes.  While the plow may not be included in each policy, it should be added as additional equipment coverage.

For more information on permits, license, or to view snow plow insurance requirements in the City of Chicago, visit

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