5 Home Hacks That Can Save You From An Expensive Insurance Claim

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5 Home Hacks That Can Save You From An Expensive Insurance Claim

One in fifteen insured homes experiences a property damage claim in a given year, according to III.org (Insurance Information Institute)  As part of a Risk Index for 2017, Travelers Insurance Company has surveyed 1,016 consumers this Spring about which precautions they do, or don’t, implement to better protect their family and home.  Here are a few to think about.

Using Smoke Detectors in Your Home

Consumers who do this: 82%

Home fire claims are a rare occurrence as fire and lightening affect 0.3% insured homes each year.  Although somewhat rare, these claims tend to be the most severe averaging just under $44,000.

Even worse, 6 in 10 home fire deaths happen in homes that either had no smoke alarms, or none that worked.

Clean Dryer Vents in Your Home

Consumers who do this: 66%

If not the most critical task, this housekeeping chore is extremely important in fire prevention.  III.org estimates that from 2010 to 2014, United States municipal fire departments responded to over 15,000 fires each year that involved a clothing dryer or washing machine.  The majority of those involve a clothes dryer.

Monitor Appliances in Use in Your Home

Consumers who do this: 62%

Do you set your washer or dryer, dishwasher, oven or other appliances in your home before running out to take care of some errands?  From floods to fires, so much can go wrong.  Being in your home when something goes wrong allows to problem to be figured out before large damage is done.

Review Your Home Owners Insurance Policy Every Year

Consumers who do this: 54%

Keeping up to date by thoroughly reviewing your homeowners or renters insurance policy each year helps you understand your limits and policy exclusions, as well as any other policy gaps that could potentially hurt you.

Use a Security System in Your Home

Consumers who do this: 30%

Theft is a very common insurance claim and in regards to homeowners insurance specifically, it is the fourth most common loss a homeowner will claim.  0.4% of insured homes will experience a theft, at an average of just under $4,000 in losses.

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